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New-Age Cash Flow Forecasting Methods for Bookkeepers

By Patrick Crivelli on 3 August 2016

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” - Mike Tyson

Have you ever noticed how your budgeted projections don't look anything like your historical numbers? Projections tend to resemble a calm blue ocean however historical numbers look more like a tumultuous pot of troubled energy. The world is a volatile place, especially for small businesses. Despite this, we have a tendency to create smooth forecasts that rarely reflect reality. This is partly why SMEs frequently get blindsided by cash flow problems.

Australia’s Long Payment Culture  - the real impact on Small and medium sized business

By The Skippr Team on 20 July 2016

Show me the money!!!” - Jerry Maguire

The Secrets To Small Business Success

By Skippr Cash Flow on 23 June 2016

Guest content courtesy of Thomas Taylor @ T2 Consulting

A long time ago an insolvency expert told me the secret to turning around a failing business. What he said was "to keep your margins up and your costs down". That sounded fairly simple at the time but over the years I have understood more and more how imp ortant those words are and how difficult it can sometimes be to make it happen. 
Topics: SME Growth

The Future of Factoring in Australia Part 2

By Patrick Crivelli on 25 May 2016

“What the hell is reverse factoring?

                                    - Skippr Client

How to create a good business plan: transparency = trust

By The Skippr Team on 24 April 2016

Transparency is an effective tool to combat corruption and fraud but the main overarching goal is to create trust, accountability, good governance and efficient information flow. 

Renaissance of SME Lending - Alternative Finance

By The Skippr Team on 1 March 2016

There are 2.1 million small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Australia which generate over a trillion dollars in output and employ 70% of the Australian workforce.  A pivotal part of any economy, SMEs are a key source of innovation and development with almost 100% of innovative business spending nearly $6bn each year on research and development. One key issue that inhibits an SME is finance. A recent update of the SME Growth Index, found that 62% of business saw 'access to credit' as a key barrier to growth with SMEs now preferring unsecured lending as they are more reticent to provide personal security.

3 ways to control small business cash flow

By Patrick Crivelli on 25 February 2016

“A rising tide floats all boats but it’s only when the tide goes out that we can see who was swimming naked”  - Warren Buffett 

2016: The birth of Australian Innovation

By Vince Duarte on 27 January 2016

Ever had an idea for a business but just been too afraid to start? Prior to this year, you would have probably been forgiven for not taking the plunge in the Australian market. You probably thought that your only way of getting the help you need was by featuring on the next episode of Shark Tank.

Australian Fintech: Lessons From the North

By The Skippr Team on 24 January 2016

Australia is catching the fintech bug and key figure heads are leading from the front. Tyro Payments, Joss Stollman is calling for a 1000 fintech startups in the next two years so we can leverage off the already booming global market being driven by the US, EU and UK. Global investment into the space has quadrupled to $12bn in 2014.

Virtual CFO Series - There Is An App For That!

By Patrick Crivelli on 22 January 2016


What if I were to tell you that many of the roles performed by the CFO and their team could largely be automated. Is that something you might be interested in? Imagine if monotonous tasks like accounts payable processing, chasing customers for payment and paying tax were automated. Well imagine no more.