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Free money: how to get your hands on government grants for small businesses

By The Skippr Team on 2 November 2016

Oh, to be a kid again. It might be the only time in your life free money existed. Sure, you might have to do some household chores for your pocket money, but occasionally, someone – grandparents, aunts, uncles – would give you money just for being you. A nice concept, but when you’re a grown-up managing the cash-flow of a media agency (i.e real responsibilities), hand-outs don’t exist. Unless, of course, you ask the government. 

Topics: SME Grants

6 Simple Tips for Business Grants and Tax Incentive Scheme Applications

By Vince Duarte on 17 March 2016

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, every company is susceptible to a lack of cash flow. We need not look further than Tropfest that happened earlier this year. The world’s largest short film festival was cancelled last year to financial negligence and was only saved from the same fate in 2016 at the eleventh hour through a financial lifeline from new sponsors. 

Business Grants - Cash Flow Sources for Marketing and Media Agencies

By Vince Duarte on 10 March 2016

Unless you’re a huge, international conglomerate, chances are you have problems with cash flow. And even if you are an international conglomerate, with a little bit of word play, you have upgraded to “liquidity crises,” and now find the need to lay off 100 unfortunate employees whenever you’re in trouble.