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Keep Calm and Collaborate with Cash Flow Management

By Patrick Crivelli on 13 July 2016

 "I have enough money” - said no business ever

A journalist recently told me that if he made a dollar for every pitch he heard on “the next Xero” or “the next disruptive technology that is going to disrupt business forever” he would  be a rich man. It’s no secret that business processes are being “disrupted” (excuse the cliché) by technology and capital is pouring into the space at a rapid clip - if you dont believe me just ask your Uber driver where he is investing his money. 

The Future of Factoring in Australia Part 2

By Patrick Crivelli on 25 May 2016

“What the hell is reverse factoring?

                                    - Skippr Client

Australian Fintech: Lessons From the North

By The Skippr Team on 24 January 2016

Australia is catching the fintech bug and key figure heads are leading from the front. Tyro Payments, Joss Stollman is calling for a 1000 fintech startups in the next two years so we can leverage off the already booming global market being driven by the US, EU and UK. Global investment into the space has quadrupled to $12bn in 2014.