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How to improve cash flow - 9 simple tips for small business

By Alistair Lamond on 19 April 2017

"Be proactive, never assume anything, always test and keep learning."

Staying on top of cash flow is often a tedious task of checking your bank account, skimming over your receivables ledger and checking when you have to pay the bills. Many small business owners struggle to keep a clear understanding of the liquidity of their own business. Remember just because you are driving new business sales, if you don't have cash in the bank to support the ever increasing capital demands of a growing business, your business can capsize without warning. There are many Australian small businesses who have adopted simple cash managment techniques to guarantee their liquidity and growth. Check out a great example of one such business here.

What’s the future of independent media and marketing agencies?

By Alistair Lamond on 15 February 2017

Forget the days of whiskey-swilling Mad Men. Agencies these days have demands Don Draper would never have dreamed of. The current climate sees the old world of marketing - television and print - overlapping with the breakneck speed of digital, and advertising agencies are scrambling to keep up.

Oligopoly strangling fresh food supply chain with long payment terms

By Alistair Lamond on 8 December 2016

This article was originally published in the The Land.

Topics: SME Cash flow

5 Non-Bank Funding Alternatives To Boost Small Business Cash Flow

By Alistair Lamond on 15 August 2016

It is all to common to hear the traditional Australian banks preaching their support for small businesses but falling short on delivery. Why? It is to costly for them lend to a small business. That is why there is a renaissance in small business lending!

A new wave of non-bank alternative finance startups (aka Fintechs) are listening to the cries of the capital constrained businesses and addressing a $60bn funding gap forged by the big banks. Fintechs are capitalising on a fresh canvas and building technology to not only understand risk better but also deliver a better customer experience. 

So what are the alternatives available to a small business today?

Topics: SME Cash flow

Australia’s Long Payment Culture  - the real impact on Small and medium sized business

By Alistair Lamond on 20 July 2016

Show me the money!!!” - Jerry Maguire

Accelerate Your Business Growth With Cash Flow Financing

By Alistair Lamond on 2 June 2016

You have your cash flow engine purring but now you want to optimise its power. What does optimising really mean? Well let’s break it down. Optimising by definition is making “the best of” or “most effective use of”, so to reword this metaphor - how do we most effectively manage flows of cash through your business to optimise its performance?

How to improve cash flow for you agency - 4 simple ways

By Alistair Lamond on 29 March 2016

The most common reason for cash flow pressure in an agency is long-dated invoice payment terms enforced by the end-customer. In Australia, there is on average over $19m worth of invoices outstanding longer than 30 days, while 44% of invoices are being paid late. This is typical throughout the marketing, media and advertising industries. Publishers, app developers, production, modelling and creative companies all suffer from slow invoice payments which crushes their cash flow.

Business Grants - Cash Flow Sources for Marketing and Media Agencies

By Vince Duarte on 10 March 2016

Unless you’re a huge, international conglomerate, chances are you have problems with cash flow. And even if you are an international conglomerate, with a little bit of word play, you have upgraded to “liquidity crises,” and now find the need to lay off 100 unfortunate employees whenever you’re in trouble.

3 simple tips to make sure you get paid - maintain strong cash flow because cash flow is king

By Alistair Lamond on 3 March 2016

For the final chapter of the "Show Me The Money" series we are going to focus on the tale end of the buyer journey - conversion and payment.

Great the deal is done! Your sales team has negotiated terms that maximise margin and minimise the length of payment. Or have they? Well, either way the most important thing now is to ensure you get paid. This part of the customer journey is one that is often overlooked and poorly managed, which in turn can be detrimental to the customer relationship you have just invested in prior. To make sure you get paid and maintain strong cash flow, the following simple steps can be taken:

How to improve cash flow with smart sales and better customers

By Alistair Lamond on 18 February 2016

Failure to effectively collect on your invoices can crush cash flow and lead to the demise of your business. Dun & Bradstreet Trade Payments Analysis shows the average invoice payment period is currently 50.4 days, whilst 41% of companies that went insolvent in 2013 had money owed to them by their customers.

In the first part of the "Show Me The Money" series, we looked at some resources you can use to qualify leads quickly and easily to ensure you don't deal with customers that potentially won't pay you for your hard earned work.

This chapter, we look at a market leading sales methodology for how to improve cash flow that will not only ensure you convert customers but increase your chances of negotiating fair and just terms.