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Government coronavirus support scheme updates

By The Skippr Team on 31 July 2020

What you need to know about the recent changes to JobKeeper Payments and other government economic support schemes - and how they could affect your business.

A recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) survey on Business Impacts of COVID-19 found that 3 in 5 (60%) Australian businesses have sought external advice in response to the coronavirus pandemic. It was also found that 86% of said businesses were most likely to seek advice about government support measures.

How cloud accounting and the Xero App Marketplace can help you get business finance

By The Skippr Team on 21 July 2020

A guide to how the Xero App Marketplace is helping Australian businesses get finance. 

The Xero App Marketplace is an increasingly common place for businesses using Xero to access finance. The lenders on the Xero App Marketplace are Xero-certified and work closely with Xero to help Australian small businesses access business finance in a way that saves time for business owners. 

Why you should consider refinancing your invoice finance facility

By The Skippr Team on 7 July 2020

Everything you need to know about why you should be refinancing, and how to do it.

If you're pulling your hair out as you try to understand the end of financial year reports from your invoice finance provider, you might be thinking, "Does it really have to be this difficult?!" Well, the good news is that modern invoice finance providers have embraced technology to make invoice financing simpler than ever before.

Why improving your working capital position is so important

By The Skippr Team on 2 July 2020

Why it’s more important than ever to improve your working capital position, and the best ways to go about it.

Is your business struggling to access liquidity for financial flexibility? You’ll probably find that you’re not as alone as you think.

4 reasons to make the switch to cloud accounting in 2020

By The Skippr Team on 25 June 2020

How moving to the cloud could benefit your business and save you money. 

Cloud accounting software is a fast growing and popular resource for many small and medium business owners. On 30 September 2019, Xero announced over 2 million subscribers globally. While it took more than 10 years to accumulate the first million subscribers, it took just 2.5 years to add the next million. In addition to this, Quickbooks has over a million paying subscribers, with MYOB is on track to hit its first million in 2020 (and these aren’t the only providers on the market).

4 quick financing options to support your business’ cash flow

By The Skippr Team on 19 June 2020

Finding cashflow finance doesn’t have to be a lengthy process - find out your quick fix financing options here.

It’s a common misconception that getting finance for your business is always time consuming. Although that is still often the case with traditional business loans from banks, there are now faster, more efficient means of financing your business.

Is Asset Based Finance right for my business?

By The Skippr Team on 17 June 2020

Find out if an asset based loan is the answer to your business’ cash flow issues

The economy in Australia is slowly improving as things start to get back to normal after the effects of COVID-19. While this may be the case, it’s still tricky for businesses to obtain finance at this time, as banks and lenders continue to be cautious about approving prospective borrowers. 

Raising the Funds: Debt vs Equity Financing

By The Skippr Team on 5 June 2020

The key differences between Debt Financing and Equity Financing 

Owning and running a small business is an exciting and rewarding journey for many business owners, although more often than not, the challenging part of this process is finding the right funding to help the business grow and thrive. Funding falls primarily into two categories: "debt financing" (getting a loan) and "equity financing" (selling a share of your business to investors). 

How COVID-19 is transforming the future of business

By The Skippr Team on 27 May 2020

With working from home the new normal, what does the future have in store for businesses? And is the forecast good, or bad?

Remote working has increased dramatically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. With almost everyone who is able to do their job from home currently doing so, businesses have had to shake up their policies on working practices. It’s also looking like after the pandemic is over, these policy shifts will stick.

A comprehensive guide to equipment finance

By The Skippr Team on 12 May 2020

Your guide to the different forms of equipment finance and how they could benefit your business.