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Skippr Product Update - New Financial Year - Brand New Reporting Feature

11 July 2017

Here we go... a new financial year! We hope you have set some ambitious goals for FY 2018. We can help you achieve them.

One of our goals for this financial year is to align people, process and technology with effective cash flow management. Reporting is the critical final step in this process. Whether you are the finance manager, the external bookkeeper or even the CEO, reporting is critical to highlight problems, and more importantly, map out the best course of action to reach the most optimal solution.


The first iteration of the reporting feature is now live! It will help you deliver cash flow management priorities succinctly, visually and seamlessly. Summarise the cash flow jobs to be done - collect customer invoices, pay suppliers and drawndown finance - in a simple report that can be shared with colleagues, advisors or customers.

Try it out now!

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Coming Soon!!!

  • Report progress tracking - keep up to speed on how you or the receipient is progressing with the recommended action plan. Great for accountability.
  • Make payments - generate an ABA file directly from Skippr and send it to your bank for processing. Automatically reconcile payments with your accounting software.
  • In-app finance - with vitamins, every business sometimes needs a painkiller.  Soon a business will be able to simply request and draw funding through Skippr. Inject cash to relieve pain fast!


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The Skippr Team

Written by The Skippr Team

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