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Product Update - Big release! New look, semi-automated cash flow forecasting and scenarios tool

1 June 2017

The Skippr team has been hard at work testing, learning and developing over the past few months following invaluable feedback from our users. Thanks for all that have contributed. We couldn't have done it without you!

These feature updates encompass the key product goals of our tool. These are:

  1. A user should to be able to view and diagnose their cash flow position in minutes.
  2. A user should be able to visualise cash flow. 
  3. A user should be able to see data in real-time.
  4. A user should be able to build scenarios quickly to understand the best course of action.
  5. A user should be able to clearly understand what steps are required to solve cash flow problems. Collect invoices, make payments or draw finance.
  6. A user should be able to collaborate with other users easily.

So without further ado! 

New brand, new look & new journey

We have shuffled around some features to make the process of cash flow management more intuitive and simple. Review forecasts, build scenarios and report the best course of action. Three simple steps to taking control of cash flow. 

Skippr - Review Cash Flow 

 Semi-automated cash flow forecasting

Skippr is working hard to make forecasting easier and faster. No longer should this be a manual process in Excel. A realistic forecast should be reviewed in minutes so cash flow can be then controlled ASAP. We are testing this feature with users at the moment so reply to this email to get your forecasts automated.

Skippr - Automated Forecasting 

Build scenarios with clear actions

After you have reviewed your cash flow forecast, you need to start adjusting cash flow levers to understand the best course of action.

Building scenarios,  you can now succinclty see the actions related to collections, payments and finance recorded down the right hand side. You can create as many scenarios as you want.

Soon you will be able to export a scenario into a report. This report will detail on a more granular level invoices needing be collected and paid but also how much funding needs to be drawn. Watch this space!

 Skippr - Build scenarios

Coming Soon.......

Reporting - create, save and share an action plan

The most important step to controlling cash flow is actually taking action. The report feature will summarise the invoices needing to be collected or paid and  the amount of finance to be drawn as part of that scenario. This report can be then shared to a user so these tasks can be delegated.

In-app Finance - draw finance through Skippr in 24 hours

A key lever to managing cash flow is accelerating payments using invoice finance. Right now you can do this with Skippr independently of the cash flow tool. Soon you will be able to seamlessly unlock funding within the cash flow tool. You will be able to create scenario using finance feature, generate a report and then draw funding within a few clicks. 


The Skippr cash flow tool is now free for all users!

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The Skippr Team

Written by The Skippr Team

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