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One step closer to an all-in-one cash flow management solution

4 December 2017

Every business faces the typical challenges of getting paid by customers, paying taxes, paying suppliers and accessing finance.  Simple processes in theory but unfortunately tiresome and unexciting to the extent that they are often neglected or totally forgotten about until it is too late. 

Skippr has been listening and learning about these challenges to develop technology manage these processes proactively to save time and instill confidence within a business owner and their finance team that they have the cash to achieve growth, prosperity and balance.

The Skippr team is super excited about this product update as it is another step closer to our core mission - giving a business cash flow confidence. 

Collections, Payments, Finance 

Three key areas of cashflow management entails chasing customer payments (collections), paying creditors (payments) and accessing cash (finance).  Now these three levers are simply represented in the scenario builder so you can craft a succinct course of action for the coming period. Modelling collections and payments by simply adjusting the expected payment dates of invoices, you get a clear picture of when these payments are due in the forecast chart. 

When there are cash gaps approaching, you can now model the impact of accelerating payments from outstanding receivables using Skippr Finance. Selecting customers with receivables outstanding, you get an indicative funding limit and then using a simple drawdown function, you visualise the impact of an immediate cash injection to the business.

See it in action here!

 Check out the new features now!


Coming Very Soon

An all-in-one cash flow management solution is becoming more of a reality. To date, our customers have been accessing finance through a separate selective invoice finance solution. A flexible and a reasonably easy to use solution but still not as seamless as you deserve.

With Skippr, you are forecasting in real time and making quicker decisions already. Soon you will be able to turn those plans into reality by accessing finance in-app using our new Invoice Overdraft. 

Sign up for free, pay only when you need it and save time on bookkeeping with autoreconciliation back to your accounting platform!

What is the Invoice Overdraft?

The Invoice Overdraft enables you to draw down cash under a approved limit when you require additional cash in the bank. Like a bank overdraft, but using the receivables ledger as security, means Skippr can provide funding without relying on property security. Unlock cash from what is owed to you ,NOT what you own. Unlock cash to hire people, pay taxes or take on bigger projects  now, not when you get paid. Unlock cash and pay for it only when you need it. 

Who can use it?

Any business using the free cash flow management tool can apply for funding. We will review your business and the creditworthiness of your customers, and give you an offer in 24 hours. 

When is it going to be available?

We expect to be launching the Invoice Overdraft early 2018. We will be testing with existing borrowers initially but if you would like to participate in the 2nd beta starting 31st of January please get in touch here or simply sign up to the tool and “Request Funding”!

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Skippr team wishes all our customers and partners a Merry Christmas! Look forward to an exciting 2018 with you all!





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The Skippr Team

Written by The Skippr Team

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