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Patrick Crivelli

Patrick is finance specialist with 10 years experience in fixed income and equity finance. He has worked as a buy-side analyst and portfolio manager in Australia, Hong Kong and UK. Patrick now spends his time solving big problems for small businesses.

Recent Posts

Is your business a bank? The curse of long payment terms in Australia

By Patrick Crivelli on 26 October 2016

 How many banks are operating in Australia? You’re probably thinking there are at most 20 banks. You would be very wrong. There are actually thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of banks in Australia. ‘How is this so?’ I hear you ask. Well, every time your customer makes you wait for an invoice payment, you have effectively become a banker - presumably without the six-figure bonus or Ferrari.

New-Age Cash Flow Forecasting Methods for Bookkeepers

By Patrick Crivelli on 3 August 2016

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” - Mike Tyson

Have you ever noticed how your budgeted projections don't look anything like your historical numbers? Projections tend to resemble a calm blue ocean however historical numbers look more like a tumultuous pot of troubled energy. The world is a volatile place, especially for small businesses. Despite this, we have a tendency to create smooth forecasts that rarely reflect reality. This is partly why SMEs frequently get blindsided by cash flow problems.

Keep Calm and Collaborate with Cash Flow Management

By Patrick Crivelli on 13 July 2016

 "I have enough money” - said no business ever

A journalist recently told me that if he made a dollar for every pitch he heard on “the next Xero” or “the next disruptive technology that is going to disrupt business forever” he would  be a rich man. It’s no secret that business processes are being “disrupted” (excuse the cliché) by technology and capital is pouring into the space at a rapid clip - if you dont believe me just ask your Uber driver where he is investing his money. 

The Future of Factoring in Australia Part 2

By Patrick Crivelli on 25 May 2016

“What the hell is reverse factoring?

                                    - Skippr Client

The Future of Factoring in Australia

By Patrick Crivelli on 5 May 2016

“The good part, William, is that no matter whether our clients make money or lose money, Duke & Duke get the commissions”
                             Randolf Duke, Trading Places

Factoring has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in the last decade. Since 2006 annual factoring volume has increased from A$3.4 billion to A$5.3 billion. Growth in volume of factoring in Australia was driven to a large extent by three of the major banks scaling back their invoice discounting divisions during the 2008-2010 period, which provided factoring companies with a once in a lifetime opportunity. In our view the traditional factoring model has benefitted from being in the right place at the right time. 

3 ways to control small business cash flow

By Patrick Crivelli on 25 February 2016

“A rising tide floats all boats but it’s only when the tide goes out that we can see who was swimming naked”  - Warren Buffett 

Virtual CFO Series - There Is An App For That!

By Patrick Crivelli on 22 January 2016


What if I were to tell you that many of the roles performed by the CFO and their team could largely be automated. Is that something you might be interested in? Imagine if monotonous tasks like accounts payable processing, chasing customers for payment and paying tax were automated. Well imagine no more.