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Agency Pulse Check 2017 Survey - what keeps you up at night?

24 January 2017

Forget the days of whiskey-swilling Mad Men - agencies these days have demands Don Draper would never have dreamed of. The current climate sees the old world of marketing (television and print) overlapping with the fast paced world of digital, and advertising agencies need to change to keep up.

It’s no wonder then, that an agency, wanting to diversity their service offering and offload operations and finances, will often sell their business to a holding company. It’s the way it’s always been done - that’s how the WPPs and Omnicoms of this world got so big.

But despite the common practice of growing and then selling ad agencies, many commentators don’t think this model is sustainable. Margins are tight and the pinch is worse in a ‘one house, all service’ agency.

Some might dispute it, but independence and a specialised offering will stop you becoming the next Droga5 of Australia.


I want to hear from you on this topic. I want to understand what is keeping you up at night?

As part of a greater project to better understand some of our favourite clients - agencies! We are conducting the first Agency Pulse Check Survey! Three quick Q's for agency owners and executives to tell us what is the plan for 2017 and beyond.

Your input would hugely appreciated and we promise to get back in touch soon with the results so you can see if you are of the same thinking as your industry counterparts. We expect to be conducting this on a bi-annual basis to see if sentiments change whilst also cross-pollinating with data we collect on our tool.

I need 30 seconds of your time! To get started click below.

2017 Agency Pulse Check

Don't like clicking on links? Copy and paste this link - https://goo.gl/forms/RPiqATrl3BHiqGaH2

The more feedback the more meaningful this survey will become so feel free to share with anyone in your network! The more the merrier!




Topics: SME

Written by The Skippr Team

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