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Skippr Product Update - New Financial Year - Brand New Reporting Feature

By Alistair Lamond on 11-Jul-2017 09:45:00

Here we go... a new financial year! We hope you have set some ambitious goals for FY 2018. We can help you achieve them.

One of our goals for this financial year is to align people, process and technology with effective cash flow management. Reporting is the critical final step in this process. Whether you are the finance manager, the external bookkeeper or even the CEO, reporting is critical to highlight problems, and more importantly, map out the best course of action to reach the most optimal solution.

Product Update - Big release! New look, semi-automated cash flow forecasting and scenarios tool

By Alistair Lamond on 01-Jun-2017 10:39:52

The Skippr team has been hard at work testing, learning and developing over the past few months following invaluable feedback from our users. Thanks for all that have contributed. We couldn't have done it without you!