What’s the future of independent media and marketing agencies?

By Alistair Lamond on 15-Feb-2017 11:15:00

Forget the days of whiskey-swilling Mad Men. Agencies these days have demands Don Draper would never have dreamed of. The current climate sees the old world of marketing - television and print - overlapping with the breakneck speed of digital, and advertising agencies are scrambling to keep up.

Grants - Cash Flow Sources for Marketing and Media agencies

By Vince Duarte on 10-Mar-2016 07:00:00

Unless you’re a huge, international conglomerate, chances are you have problems with cash flow. And even if you are an international conglomerate, with a little bit of word play, you have upgraded to “liquidity crises,” and now find the need to lay off 100 unfortunate employees whenever you’re in trouble.